Building Blocks for Strong Bones

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Bones are the framework of the body.  Just like with the three little pigs the building materials you choose will dictate the strength of your physical foundation.

Diets rich in fruit and vegetables (particularly green leafy vegetables) have been positively associated with stronger bones.  Raw nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, and a moderate intake of protein are also necessary since bones are part protein and part mineral.  Lack of minerals from the diet will deprive the body of the nutrients required for laying down new bone tissue.

Take action:

Whole foods – those that are still recognizable as the original food at harvest time – should be the foundation of every meal.

Fermented foods are a gold-mine of accessible minerals.  The pre-digestion by microbes liberates the minerals so that we can pull them into our blood with a lot less digestive effort.  Veggies, some herbs, bone broth, sea vegetables, and canned fish with little bones that have turned to mush, are also good sources of extra minerals.

Save bones from your meals and simmer them in either plain water with a splash of vinegar, or with veggies and herbs to create a healing broth rich in both minerals and collagen-forming amino acids. A slow cooker makes this simple, nutritious liquid an absolute breeze.   The longer it simmers the more the bones will break down and release minerals into the broth so let it go for 12, 24, or even 36 hours until the bones break apart with a gentle finger squeeze.

Green food supplements (I like Botanica Green formulations as they combine land and sea vegetables with no soy lecithin) are a great addition to any diet, particularly for those who don’t consume enough vegetables in their diets on a regular basis.  Of course the ultimate goal is a diet that provides all that we need but there is life, and busy-ness, and times when a booster is needed.


As with all aspects of human health there are many considerations to improving bone mass and density.  A holistic approach to maximizing bone physiology is necessary for preventing bone pathologies such as osteopenia and osteoporosis.

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