Hormonal influence on Bone health

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Sex hormones and stress hormones all have effects on bone health. No surprise really…is there anything that hormones don’t influence?

Post-menopausal status is associated with bone loss because of the change in hormone levels.  High stress jobs and lifestyles may decrease bone mass because the minerals are needed elsewhere to survive that (perceived or real) immediate danger. Identifying hormone imbalances is an essential step in maintaining strong bones throughout life.

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Women – if your period is anything other than smooth sailing on a predictable monthly schedule then there is likely a degree of hormone imbalance at play. Symptoms are messages from the body that something is out of whack. It’s the physical body’s way of getting your attention and saying “Fix me please” but too often we turn to meds that just turn down the volume because the cry for help is so annoying!

Post-menopausal women – likewise.  If your transition is anything other than the gentle slowing and stopping of cycles then hormone imbalance should be reviewed and addressed. Menopausal symptoms are unheard of in some indigenous cultures! The monthly flow simply stops and the woman becomes a respected elder of the community. Neat eh?

Men and women – a “spare tire” of abdominal weight, fatigue, hair changes, skin dullness, sleep issues, muscle weakness, or circles under the eyes may be a sign that cortisol, thyroid, or other hormone levels could be optimized. If there are visible symptoms on the outer layer of your body, chances are good there are imbalances deeper within as well.

Hormone testing is available as are a wide variety of treatments to address the underlying conditions.