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Dr Wiley Sept 2013

My name is Miranda Wiley and I’m a naturopathic physician practicing out of Sage Clinic in Yaletown, Vancouver.

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Naturopathic medicine is holistic and broad-spectrum in its approach.  I have found that supporting the development of children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, learning disabilities, or other developmental struggles allows me to practice all of the areas of naturopathic medicine that I love so much, namely digestive health, immune balancing, and nervous system support.

A healthy population starts with healthy children, and healthy children begin with healthy pregnancies.  My practice may be focused on pediatrics, however, to me that includes balancing hormones in adults, as well as addressing food and environmental allergies, detoxification, and mind-body medicine…and those areas of focus remain a strong component of my practice.

Based on my own experience with preterm labour in 2014 I have a personal interest in supporting families whose newest member is in the NICU, but that was definitely an unplanned niche!  My preemie came so early that he is statistically at risk for developmental delays, and he has been the most wonderful and adorable inspiration to learn all that I can about infant and child development, and how to promote it with the tools available to me as an ND.



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PEDIATRICS: From common concerns to special needs (including Autism and ADHD)

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DIGESTIVE HEALTH for children and adults, including SIBO and IBS

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The joy of practicing naturopathic medicine is in playing detective to unearth the root cause behind the symptom, the diagnosis, or the disease. Anemia isn’t interesting – simply take iron and/or B vitamins to treat it – but why someone is anemic is interesting! Is it a lack of iron in their diet? Are they not absorbing iron well? Are they losing iron/blood somehow? And every answer comes with a new set of questions (Why aren’t they absorbing iron? What needs to change to improve that?) that need to be answered in order to affect change at the deepest level with the greatest impact.


I work extensively with babies and children, digestive sufferers, metabolic syndrome/weight management/cardiovascular health, hormone imbalances (PMS, PCOS, menopause), mind-body awareness, allergies and autoimmune conditions.  And of course, I particularly love working with mothers of very tiny babies in the NICU who need so much care and love themselves.

I look forward to meeting you!  Call 604-697-0397 to make an appointment.

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